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Mar 2017    Why is my LaunchPad not working in ODTK 6.4.5?
Explains why HTML pages aren't working in ODTK 6.4.5 and how to fix it
Mar 2017    How Does the ModelCenter Repackaging Change the Integration of ModelCenter with STK?
This article explains how the relationship between STK and ModelCenter has changed since ModelCenter was repackaged by Phoenix Integration.
Mar 2017    STK HTML VBScript Compatibility Mode
Since VBScript has been deprecated by Microsoft, new browsers (and thus STK) will not support HTML pages with embedded VBScript code.
Mar 2017    How to use STK EOIR to determine a sensor's ability to measure the light curve of a tumbling satellite
Mar 2017    How Do I Rotate a Pattern Area Target in STK?
This article provides an HTML tool that allows you to rotate a pattern area target.
Mar 2017    Workaround for MSDN KB963017 that Prevents Map and Globe Controls from Appearing with 64-bit STK Engine
If 32-bit STK Engine is not installed, then you will not see the globe or map controls in the Visual Studio Controls Toolbox.
Mar 2017    How do I release a hung network license?
Mar 2017    Create Licensing Diagnostic Information
This article provides instructions for using the environment variable FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS to receive diagnostic information about STK licensing.
Mar 2017    Why doesn't my license work?
Mar 2017    Does STK support streaming terrain and imagery with local data (Offline)?
This FAQ discuss the options for streaming local terrain and imagery data