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FAQ: Educational Alliance Program FAQ
Feb 2017
Common questions regarding the Education Alliance Program (EAP)
FAQ: Where is the STK Host ID found?
Feb 2017
There are several ways to identify your STK Host ID.
FAQ: How to convert CAD models for use in STK
Jan 2016
Best practices on converting CAD models for use in STK
FAQ: What graphics card is needed for STK? Why is STK crashing?
Feb 2017
Troubleshooting steps if you are having trouble with your graphics cards or STK is having issues running.
FAQ: How to review your network installation set up
Feb 2017
A comprehensive guide on how to review your network installation setup (server and client).
FAQ: Getting Started STK COM integration using Python
Feb 2017
This FAQ discusses the recommended approach to automate and customize STK using Python
FAQ: Why can't STK client find a network license from the license server?
Jul 2016
Use this step by step trouble shooting guide to determine why you get the "no license found" message when using a network client license file with STK
FAQ: What is an options file and how do I use it to reserve licenses?
Feb 2017
An options file is a simple text file that tells the STK server who can, or cannot, pull which license modules.
FAQ: Why does STK start-up slowly? How can I improve the startup speed?
Feb 2017
Maximize the system resources available to STK, and minimize STK's demand for these same resources.
FAQ: How do I load terrain into scenario and process for visualization?
Mar 2017
This article can be applied to any of the STK supported terrain formats.
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