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FAQ: Where is the STK Host ID found?
Feb 2017
There are several ways to identify your STK Host ID.
FAQ: What do I need for the STK L2 Crash Course?
Aug 2018
This FAQ is designed for individuals interested in attending the Virtual L2 Crash Course training. This does not replace the training materials which can be found on
FAQ: STK Certification Process
Oct 2017
STK Certification Process
FAQ: Educational Alliance Program FAQ
Jul 2018
Common questions regarding the Education Alliance Program (EAP)
FAQ: What graphics card is needed for STK? Why is STK crashing?
Feb 2017
Troubleshooting steps if you are having trouble with your graphics cards or STK is having issues running.
FAQ: Is STK supported on the MAC?
May 2018
We don't officially support STK or STK Viewer on MAC OS, but we have some end users successfully run STK and/or Viewer on a MAC OS via parallels (emulator) or BootCamp (dual boot partition with MAC OS and Windows OS).
FAQ: EAP Installation and Licensing Procedures For Students
Jan 2018
Quick guild for students to install STK and retrieve their EAP or Free licenses
FAQ: How to convert CAD models for use in STK
Jan 2016
Best practices on converting CAD models for use in STK
FAQ: STK Virtual Training Install Logistics
Nov 2017
Here is the link to the 24 Aug 2017 'STK Virtual Training Install Logistics' training.
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