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FAQ: Where is the STK Host ID (aka MAC address) found?
May 2019
There are several ways to identify your MAC/STK Host ID.
FAQ: Where do I get TLE Information, TLE Supplemental Data, and Other TLE Resources?
Mar 2018
This FAQ answers the following questions, What is a TLE? How do you add a Satellite using a TLE within STK? Where is the TLE database from? What is the Accuracy of the TLE? Is there more Accurate Ephemeris Data than the TLE?: Where can I get Supplemental TLE data / Ephemeris Data? Where are other helpful TLE Resources? How do I download the AGI Satellite Database?
FAQ: Getting Started: STK COM integration using Python
Jun 2019
This FAQ discusses AGI's recommended approach to automating and customizing STK using Python.
FAQ: How do I use my own 3D model in STK?
Jan 2020

FAQ: STK Certification Process
Oct 2017
STK Certification Process
FAQ: How to convert CAD models for use in STK
Jul 2019
Best practices on converting CAD models for use in STK
FAQ: Having Trouble Connecting to STK with Python?
Nov 2018
How to recreate the contents of the comtype gen folder, which allows Python to talk to STK.
FAQ: Where can I find terrain and imagery for use in STK?
Mar 2018
STK has several ways to enhance the appearance of the 3D visualization. This FAQ shows some resources available for terrain and imagery specifically.
FAQ: What license dependencies are there for STK modules, SSA products, and Components Libraries?
Feb 2020
Summary tables for STK Desktop, SSA, and Components license dependencies.
FAQ: Educational Alliance Program FAQ
Jun 2019
Common questions regarding the Education Alliance Program (EAP)
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