Does STK Run in a Virtual Environment?

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QuestionDoes Systems Tool Kit run in a virtual environment?

Running STK in a Virtual Environment

As many organizations migrate from physical desktop computers to virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), AGI is hard at work determining the optimal configuration recommendations for these systems. At present, there are no known problems running Systems Took Kit (STK) in a virtual environment, assuming that your environment gives sufficient OpenGL support to the client. The document attached to this article provides insight into how STK functions and performs in virtual environments and offers guidance to users when selecting a virtual environment.

The basic system requirements for a VDI are the same as the standard system requirements for STK as installed on a desktop computer; refer to the System Requirements topic in the STK help system for further details. NVidia’s Grid Card for GPU’s (NVidia Grid) has performed well in virtual environments.

Attached files capture findings from both AGI Test Team and Customer virtual configurations.

Licensing STK for a Virtual Environment

Please note that running STK in a virtual environment requires the STK Network Token License; Nodelocked licenses are not supported.
More details on STK licensing can be found in the STK Virtual Training on Install Logistics.