Using a 3D Grid Model to Estimate Distance in STK


QuestionCan I estimate distance without generating a report?
The Grid model was originally developed as a concept tool for use within STK. The Grid model can be used to estimate distance without generating a report.

Attached is a zip file that contains the grid model. The model is composed of three color coded, intersecting planes, a three axis origin, and a ruler measuring 11 meters. Individual planes are composed of four 10 by 10 meter grids which are separated from a common center by one meter.

3D Grid Model 1

At the default scale of 1, each assembled plane is 22 by 22 meters. The complete model occupies a volume of 10,648 cubic meters. This model can be scaled by articulation from 0 to 100. When scaled to 100 the grid would be 2.2 km by 2.2 km. This assumes that the scaling factor of the model is 0. Scaling can be further amplified by adjusting the Log Scale through the STK interface. 

The model was designed with the intention of displaying low accuracy, real time measurements in the 3D window in lieu of generating a report. It is written in the native MDL format, occupying slightly more than 200 lines. It can be modified using a basic text editor. 

When you load the grid model into your scenario, it may be difficult to see. There is an articulation you can set called "bold" with a range of 0 to 10. The default value is 1. As you increase the scale, you will see the lines on the grid become brighter and easier to see. 

Bold Articulation
Resource File 1
Resource File 2