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FAQ: Getting Started: STK COM integration using Python
Jul 2020
This FAQ discusses AGI's recommended approach to automating and customizing STK using Python.
FAQ: Where is the STK Host ID (aka MAC address) found?
May 2019
There are several ways to identify your MAC/STK Host ID.
FAQ: Troubleshooting your STK and Python integration
Jul 2020
This troubleshooting guide will help you set up your Python environment to run with STK. This assumes that you have an STK Integration license, are using Anaconda and the comtypes interface.
FAQ: Educational Alliance Program FAQ
Jun 2019
Common questions regarding the Education Alliance Program (EAP)
FAQ: STK Certification Process
Oct 2017
STK Certification Process
FAQ: Updating STK Databases
May 2017
STK reads files containing timely data such as Earth Orientation Parameters (EOP), Leap Seconds, and up-to-date Satellite Databases.  Several methods of maintaining these files exist to ensure accurate analysis. Here, 3 different methods will be described in detail, in order to meet the needs of users who are working in online and offline environments.
FAQ: How do I use my own 3D model in STK?
Jan 2020

FAQ: Launch Window Calculator
Jul 2018
The Launch Window Calculator is a tool (created using STK's programming interface) that can be used to calculate launch windows and to propagate a satellite from the launch pad to the intended orbit.
FAQ: Why can't STK client find a network license from the license server?
Nov 2019
Use this step by step trouble shooting guide to determine why you get the "no license found" message when using a network client license file with STK
FAQ: How do I connect STK and Matlab?
Apr 2019
You can integrate STK and MATLAB to automate, extend, or visualize your analysis.
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