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FAQ: Where is the STK Host ID found?
Feb 2017
There are several ways to identify your STK Host ID.
FAQ: How do I create pointing (targeted / scanning / sweeping / creeping-line) sensors in STK?
Sep 2016
This FAQ shows various methods to create "moving" sensors in STK
FAQ: Updating STK Databases
May 2017
STK reads files containing timely data such as Earth Orientation Parameters (EOP), Leap Seconds, and up-to-date Satellite Databases.  Several methods of maintaining these files exist to ensure accurate analysis. Here, 3 different methods will be described in detail, in order to meet the needs of users who are working in online and offline environments.
FAQ: How do I exclude an STK license?
Nov 2016
There are 5 ways to exclude an STK license to provide other users access to a module that is not in use.
FAQ: Educational Alliance Program FAQ
May 2017
Common questions regarding the Education Alliance Program (EAP)
FAQ: How to convert CAD models for use in STK
Jan 2016
Best practices on converting CAD models for use in STK
FAQ: What graphics card is needed for STK? Why is STK crashing?
Feb 2017
Troubleshooting steps if you are having trouble with your graphics cards or STK is having issues running.
FAQ: Getting Started STK COM integration using Python
May 2017
This FAQ discusses the recommended approach to automate and customize STK using Python
FAQ: Using Satellite Lifetime Tool and HPOP to predict satellite decay
Mar 2016
This article details some of the best practices to use when comparing results of the Satellite Lifetime Tool and HPOP for estimating a satellite's decay time
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