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FAQ: Where is the STK Host ID (aka MAC address) found?
May 2019
There are several ways to identify your MAC/STK Host ID.
FAQ: How do I connect STK and Matlab?
Apr 2019
You can integrate STK and MATLAB to automate, extend, or visualize your analysis.
FAQ: STK Certification Process
Oct 2017
STK Certification Process
FAQ: Getting Started: STK COM integration using Python
Jun 2019
This FAQ discusses AGI's recommended approach to automating and customizing STK using Python.
FAQ: How to convert CAD models for use in STK
Jan 2016
Best practices on converting CAD models for use in STK
FAQ: Why are my STK icons so small on Windows 10, and how can I fix it?
Oct 2017
If you are seeing very small icons running on Windows 10 there is a workaround that should help with the issue. This is not unique to STK and happens with other programs, too.
FAQ: STK Virtual Training Install Logistics
May 2019
Here is the link to the 24 Aug 2017 'STK Virtual Training Install Logistics' training.
FAQ: Using Analysis Workbench to Report the Subsolar or Sub-observer Points
Mar 2016
Calculate and report on subsolar or sub-observer points for any central body.
FAQ: How can I obtain STK-compatible SPICE files for comets, asteroids, and other small bodies?
Jul 2017
The NASA JPL website, Horizons, allows you to build STK-compatible SPICE files for comets, asteroids, and other small bodies. The following instructions walk through this process.
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